weeeeelll that was an experience

and an opportunity for me to learn.

ZDAY was spent for me down in Taichung.
where i had the good fortune to meet some great people[ROGER].
to my delight grishk, vika, tanja and alaister drove down for the show/event.

patrick and frank taught me a bit bout packing up after a gig.
andy spoke and tried to learn me on rationality. i’ll get it someday hehe.
great chats with andy n rafal.

i was given a stage and an audience and i did other than deliver on stating my reasons for celebrating ZDAY and why it matters to me, and will matter to humanity as a whole. i’ve little fear standing infront of strangers, yet i missed a wonderful chance to make connections, introduce minds to thezeitgeistmovement which might not have heard of it before and let down the audience. they deserve better.

and that is the great lesson i must take from Taichung 2010, thou shall do other than squander precious moments of mass communication oh ye human bridge of consciousness.

may it be a lesson learnt henceforth!


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