Avoiding Civil War | Richard Grove on Free Man Beyond the Wall with Pete Quinones



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i will never forget friends from around the world telling me;
“OhBOMBya” will save us!”
CHANGE we can believe in,
on huge signs floating in the background of Barrack (Barry) Hussein Obama’s flowing rhetoric
the nobel peace prize after nine months as president of the united states 2009
“For the first time ever, the head of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has been fired. It happened on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, and former Norwegian Prime Minister, said, on the way out the door, that it would be “really nice” if President Barack Obama were to return the prize.

[nice (adj.)

late 13th century, “foolish, ignorant, frivolous, senseless,” from Old French nice (12c.) “careless, clumsy; weak; poor, needy; simple, stupid, silly, foolish,”

from Latin nescius “ignorant, unaware,” literally “not-knowing,” from ne- “not” (from PIE root *ne- “not”) + stem of scire “to know” (see science). ]


The White House had no immediate comment. (This reporter just now, at 1:47 PM Eastern time, specifically asked the White House whether there yet is a comment, and still there is none. Maybe he will volunteer to return it?)

President Obama received the prize on 9 October 2009 after 9 months in office. There is [a] question [of] whether he had already perpetrated the 28 June 2009 coup that overthrew the progressive democratically elected President in Honduras, Manuel Zelaya and installed the narco-regime that followed after, but Obama and especially his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton certainly were the key people in enabling that regime to remain in power after almost every other government in the Americas and many around the world had declared them illegal. The following year, Honduras became the world’s highest-murder-rate nation, which they have since remained.

Then, President Obama in 2011 bombed Libya into anarchy and turned it into a failed state with rampant tribal and religious wars.[and open air slave markets]

In 2014, President Obama carried out a Ukrainian coup which removed the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych and replaced him with a racist-fascist anti-Russian regime which is bombing the area of Ukraine that had voted 90% for Yanukovych.

Perhaps nothing in the history of the Nobel Peace Prize has embarrassed that Committee as much as the premature granting of this Prize to the man who is increasingly viewed around the world as George W. Bush II.”)


and after one term of Donald J. Trump,

positively identified by Maria Farmer in one of Jeffrey Epstein’s offices
(https://twitter.com/ArtisticBlower), Epstein’s connection to Leslie Wexner, king of Ohio, owner of Victoria’s Secret, dark horse of mafia/MOSSAD (https://twitter.com/KirbySommers)

readers(are there any critical readers still living?) are to believe that Finally!,
this time the president of the united states of planet earth[OR ELSE] is gonna
what Exactly?

something meaningless.

you could put some energy behind shiva4senate.com, indian born MIT PHD
gunning for Massachusetts Senate (F- -, yup, two minuses for infrastructure)
versus the Clinton/Kennedy/Gates machine of Death and vaccination.

you could meet and organize with good, hard working people like yourself wherever you live.

heck, even some performance art would be better than waiting for that magic day when a politician will show up and start building critical infrastructure with his own two hands.

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lara fabian

“Free the dream within
The stars are cryin’
A tear
A sigh escapes from heaven and worlds end
Breathe the dream within
The mystifyin’
We tremble and spin.. suspended within
Look beyond where hearts can see
Dream in peace
Trust love, believe
We tremble and spin.. suspended within
Free the dream within
The voices calling
A song
A prayer
From deep inside you
To guide you
Be the dream within
The light is shining
A flame on the wind
Salvation begins
Look beyond where hearts can see
Dream in peace
Trust love.. believe
We tremble and spin.. suspended within
Free the dream within
The stars are cryin
A tear
A sigh
Escapes from heaven
And worlds end..”

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10 Fake News Tactics

1) They write an article purely about data, throw out large numbers to scare you, but won’t give you the minuscule percentage it equates to because they know most people won’t bother to do the math. So instead, all people see is that big number. Then, they take an aspect within the overall data topic, that equates to a much larger percentage, and push that to the forefront to stoke fear, so it’s the only percentage that sticks in ones mind. This is commonplace in fake news. Do the math yourself.

2) They write some dramatic piece to justify their narrative, throwing out numbers and percentages, then create a graph to reflect just how awful it appears to be. The only problem is, they only factored in about 2 out of 10 elements that would need to be taken into account to derive at the numbers they came to. They tell less than half the story, sum it up with a shocking visual, and people fall for it. Another thing they do with numbers is push a scare tactic with a global death rate attached to a year, but don’t mention it’s global, leading people to believe that is the death rate in the U.S. alone. They do this with the vaccine industry all the time. “Over 110,000 people died from the measles in 2017,” with a big fat zero in the U.S., but they fail to mention that part.

3) They scribble out a 2,000 word spin on a story, beginning with an intriguing detail and perhaps a fact or two. Once they grip your mind, they go in for the kill – filling it with a pumped up opinion made to look like facts, while not providing a shred of evidence. About 3/4 of the way down the article, they lay out that basically everything they just stated was bs, in one single sentence, that about 5% of people will ever reach.

4) The emotionally driven articles meant to fuel anger, hate, or fear, that are typically backed with a bunch of false or exaggerated statistics, piped full of bought-off scientific research, or a personal story from a paid actor.

5) “Our sources say” is no longer a good look. Nine times out of ten it’s either intentional leaked disinformation, someone with a grudge, or the sources are non-existent. Stick with journalists who provide evidence, unless you have followed a journalist’s track record long enough to know that if they occasionally have an anonymous “source” and you are able to connect additional dots with evidence, keep it in the plausibility compartment until more information comes out.

6) Every single fact checking website out there is a joke. They are wrong more than they are right – and that’s most certainly intentional.

7) The “drop retraction” and “the extraction.” The “drop retraction” is the intentional drop of something so outlandish it becomes instant clickbait for a viral storm. They know it’s an out and out lie, and they have every intention of doing the most damage followed by the most minimal retraction within 24-hrs of it going viral – just long enough to seed millions of minds, knowing full well that the mere tweet apology rather than removal of the piece or tweet entirely, will always remain in the clickbait spotlight. The “extraction” is when they extract a single sentence from a lengthy document few people will ever read, or 10 seconds from a 5 minute video clip few will bother to trace down, and spin it into a volatile mudslide of such disbelief, that everyone believes it. These are almost always emotionally driven segments.

8) They stick with the same story or same statistics they’ve been pushing for a long time, even long after it’s already been debunked with evidence to the contrary. There are millions of people in this world, so they cast their spells in cycles knowing full well it will grab hold of some minds.

9) “Misleading headlines” are some of the most infuriating ones of all. We are in a world of sound bites and eye candy, with information storming at 1000 mph and people with shorter attention spans than ever before. People will take a headline at face value, never read the article in its entirety, then proceed to share it with an opinion stapled to it. How can one have an opinion on something they never read? This is dangerous territory creating a lot of cognitive dissonance. CBS News recently ran a perfect example of this, with a prominent race baiting headline stating, “A white bar owner in Omaha shot and killed a black protester. He won’t face charges.” If anyone cared to click on it to read the actual story, the reality was it was a man battling another man who was shot in self defense, but they had to make it about race to stoke the racial divide and chaos. The New York Times is famous for altering headlines from their morning edition to their late edition. It generally begins with a shred of truth, and after receiving orders from the narrative machines, the headlines change to a totally different tone, expressing the complete opposite of how it was portrayed in the first edition.

10) The “two-sided dagger.” When they write from a place of concern about a group of people, person, or situation, only later to stab them in the back for whatever political agenda they are taking part of at that point in time. Alternatively, they write in a certain tone about one situation or event, while writing in a completely different tone about an almost identical situation or event. In either case, the two-side dagger becomes a nice side-by-side visual for evidence, but the damage has already been done.

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a Life measured by laundry

i awake from a dream.

the information that stays with me is that It Is Time To MOVE.

every part of my being is in motion; body mind soul

i am moving

i am joyfully living

i refuse to continue measuring my Life by laundry..

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the five elements

tcm world has this wonderful image;



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Saint Stephanos;Acts of the Apostles 07:48

48 Yet we are not to think that the most High dwells in temples made by men’s hands;

the prophet says: 

49 Heaven is my throne, and earth is the footstool under my feet.

What home will you build for me, says the Lord,

what place can be my resting-place?

50 Was it not my hands that made all this?[8] – saint Στέφανος [stephanos]


http://www.paulstramer.net/2020/02/all-roads-lead-to-oxygen.html #coronavirus #covid19 #wuhanvirus #5g #5gradiationsickness

Sunday, February 23, 2020

All Roads Lead to Oxygen

By Anna Von Reitz

I am rushing to get this done and out on a very busy day because I want it to go viral and I want all of you to know this VERY IMPORTANT conclusion of our research — there is a cause of every disease and illness, and perhaps even death.

The superficial cause is toxemia — the build up of toxins in our blood.  The actual cause, however, is lack of oxygen and things that screw up our ability to use oxygen at a cellular level.


Read that again.  There is a single underlying cause of all disease and that actual cause is: lack of oxygen and things that screw up our ability to use oxygen at the cellular level.

The resulting toxemia kills us, but it is the lack of oxygen that allows and promotes the toxemia.

How do I know this and know it for certain?  It’s a combination of research studies and clinical results, epidemiology, a long, long trail of things that should be present and aren’t, relationships between the causes and effects and the timing of causes and effects over time, research I was party to forty years ago—— and the present virus scare that made me go back and revisit all the above.

Don’t be afraid of the corona virus.  We know how to beat the virus.  Be afraid of the vaccine.

The South Koreans have already beaten the corona virus with simple oxygen therapy — and that, too, is part and parcel of the story.

That said, let’s review the recently accumulated, re-accumulated, and re-integrated facts:

  1. Electromagnetic fields are known to adversely affect porphyrins, which are pigment enzymes (special proteins that enable chemical reactions) which means that these proteins are light sensitive.  They can “perceive” EM energy, so that is why are impacted by EM fields.

2.The effect of EM fields on these special proteins hobbles their ability to produce “Heme” —  the vital part of hemoglobin that allows it to attach to and carry oxygen throughout the body.  A portion of our hemoglobin is disabled outright and a portion is normal and a portion is crippled, but still functioning to a degree.

  1. So raw “un-modulated” EM fields, which are what we are bathed in 24/7, inhibit the ability of our blood to carry oxygen to our tissues and cells, which then interferes with everything else.
  1. The more we are exposed to high intensity EM, the more severely our blood and its oxygen-carrying capacity is impacted. There is the real danger of 5G and the reason it kills whether it is overtly weaponized or not.
  1. This is why chronic diseases are the great scourges of industrialized societies worldwide — cancer, diabetes, and coronary disease — were virtually unknown a hundred years ago — and only became common in tandem with the expansion of the electrical grid.  There’s your cause and your effect.
  1. Cancer is known to shrivel up and die in the presence of oxygen, and if you look a bit deeper into the disease mechanisms of diabetes and coronary and arterial diseases, you will see that lack of oxygen and lack of complete oxidation— resulting in the build up of toxic waste products— is central to both those diseases as well.
  1. At the same time that EM exposure is wreaking silent havoc with our blood and blood’s ability to carry oxygen, oxygen levels in the atmosphere are being depleted at a frightening rapid rate, having lost 5% of the total atmosphere in the past sixty years. This is a double whammy.
  1. Not only is our ability to capture and use oxygen being harmed, but there is less oxygen available as a result of deforestation and pollution of the oceans and large fresh water lakes.
  1. The fact that South Korea has been able to cure corona virus via the use of simple oxygen therapy simply adds the icing to the cake of conclusions we’ve drawn here.
  1. This also explains why Keshe water (GANS) kills the corona virus and “resets” the EM balance. Go to YouTube now and watch Keshe’s DIY called “One Cup, One Life”.

Our body’s metabolism and immune functions are both crippled by lack of oxygen.

Certain idiot factions have promoted and profited from this circumstance, have obscured and suppressed this information for their own enrichment, and those same elements, including B.Gates, know how to modulate the EM radiation to gain health benefits from it, instead of being harmed by it.  But they are sitting mum as stumps and planning to profit from the death and misery of millions of people.

This can only be considered a form of criminal psychopathy.

Especially because EM fields can be modulated at little cost to promote health instead of disease — if health was the goal of these monsters.

There is an even darker and more sinister reality involved here and it is the research I was involved in at the University of Wisconsin forty years ago that prompts this insight.

At that time, we had the ability to reverse 36 out of 38 basic parameters of aging in rats. We could and did take very elderly rodents, shoot them up with a chemical cocktail, and have them back, zipping around their cages and mazes like youngsters – and that was forty years ago, but two factors eluded us.

The rats all eventually succumbed to toxemia of one kind or another.

Their blood went bad.

Two factors explain why —- (1) unnatural exposure to un-modulated EM fields in the controlled laboratory conditions, lack of oxygen, leading to incomplete oxidation, and build up of waste products, and (2) lack of biotin, one of the then-barely known or noted B Vitamins.

Biotin cleans up the most dreadfully polluted water –or blood– and does so in no time, if there is access to oxygen.

What are the odds that B. Gates and their ilk have discovered the secret of “eternal life” short of being throttled by the rest of us?

With access to sufficient oxygen, they avoid all the diseases and problems that plague the rest of the world, and with access to biotin, they have the means to clean up any toxemia that did develop.

Then, indeed, the world would face an overpopulation problem, but not because of natural population expansion.  The overpopulation would be driven by these selfish, profit-driven, more-than-half-insane criminally psychopathic creatures not dying at their appointed time.

And they and their kind would eventually proliferate at the expense of the compassionate and sane.


See this article and over 2300 others on Anna’s website here: www.annavonreitz.com

To support this work look for the PayPal buttons on this website. “


st.valentine of bees


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