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mintbox mini2


    1. Hi,

      I’d say it depends on your environment. We use lightweight development environments here mostly: sublime, terminal, glade, devhelp, git, alongside firefox.. etc. We develop mostly on Cinnamon. The Mini Pro 2 handles that without any problem. Compared to a dedicated development machine (my choice for instance is the Airtop, but that’s much bigger and more expensive), it can do the same things, but it obviously takes longer to compile code (check the comparison at

      I used the Mini Pro 2 for 2 weeks as my main machine on my last travel to France. It did the job nicely.


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for those about to rock..

we salute you!

The ##hplusroadmap IRC channel is a technology development and engineering group that focuses on projects such as:

  • DNA synthesis machine development
  • brain emulation, brain uploading, computational neuroscience
  • nootropics
  • do-it-yourself biology, genetic engineering, gene therapy, biohacking, synthetic biology
  • cryonics
  • molecular nanotechnology
  • molecular biology, polymerase, enzyme engineering, protein engineering, fusion proteins, directed evolution, gene-editing
  • open-source hardware development
  • self-replicating machines
  • robots, mechanical automation, machining, electronics
  • space colonization, habitats, mining, communication, transportation
  • nutrition, bodybuilding
  • computer architecture, supercomputing
  • open-source software development
  • transhumanism
  • life extension, anti-aging, longevity research
  • cryptography, bitcoin technology development

Connecting to IRC

/join ##hplusroadmap

Users unfamiliar with IRC might find it helpful to connect through the Freenode webchat client:

Users who plan to contribute often are encouraged to seek out better IRC clients. The channel inhabitants seem to like irssiChatZilla for Firefox, Textual for OS X, PidginXChat, and a variety of bouncers and remote shells.

The channel is hosted on Freenode.


There’s some funding available for hplusroadmap projects.


The hplusroadmap IRC channel was started in 2008 to focus on a roadmap for transhumanist technology development, do-it-yourself biohacking and turning near-future ideas into practical engineering projects.


  • no philosophy (violators that are bad at philosophy will be harshly judged)

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Freedom to Eat an’ Smoke a Plant

All of the legal, decrim, not repeal minded folks — you don’t grasp it.

I will say this:

Legal is permission based.
– If it is illegal…then by law it’s also legal.

That said we move to:

Legal is consent to be ruled and treated in a consequence game.

So You beg for your enslavement and fundraise against freedom as a closet prohibitionist – knowingly or unknowingly !

Sadly, every concept you dream of, or believe is freedom is actually more restriction.

As example:

If you are hungry… you eat. No permission from govt or police.

If you need carrots… you garden or purchase (commerce)… carrots are not legal !

Carrots are not crimminal control…

That is called lawful. This is freedom…

Legalies include decrim, TAX, regulate, restrict, control, govern, declare, medical, recreational, govt only, remove gardens, prevent public consumption… persecute n punish… that’s legal.

Slavery was legal
Capital punishment (govt approved murder)
Cannabis arrests…

That’s called field of consequence and legal.

Somehow the indoctrination of legal is freedom is akin to is better legally dead than illegally healed.

I have tried for 25 years to explain this… folks resist still.

Convince ANY non flurodated cannabis user or not that once it’s redeclared legal.

That’s prohibition 2.0 of your medicine. Think govts whom hold patents on plant treatments on billion dollar a year sanctioned depopulation U.N. sanctioned treaties…

Think they’d let the only thing FERAL n freely accessible that reverses their death programs of control of food water medicine earth air… (poison the earth and the plant is too busy cleaning than produce healing medicine or safe products…bye bye FERAL weed hello gmo engineered to be not healthful…

You give them that POWER by not forcing repeal the criminality or hand cuffs then do any combination of schemes.

Read the prohibition laws or proposal + the NEW harsher penalties of say decriminalization or tax n restrict like AUMA in California… is better than illegal… just like USA it’s commerce

Not one legal north American jurisdiction permits public consumption… for fear of normalizing n exposing the lie of harm while removal from even one generation creates 7 generations of codex slavery…the void in legislation is dualfold programming the delivered of him engineered DNA specific medicine…they rarely have our best interest at heart… Georgia guide stones 😉

Medical access is illusory…

☆ all use is medical as is a natural needed complex substance in our bodies…

Feeding your baby breast milk…2ag, cbd, cbd8, creates neurogenesis…

So most forget the final phase of human pregnancy occurs post birth as cannabinoid programming occurs n continues to build the baby…breast feeding…

Vaccines n gmo n glysophate, food hormones, geo engineering… all designed to strip cannabinoids n destroy life

Again why surrender your best position to then beg for enslavement and claim its a start…

No it’s the end. Each legalie “permitting” cannabis freedom is one more step under U.N. codex enslavement…

Ask yourself why a Monsanto your friend to feed world OWNS N CONTROLS blackwater security ?

(Think poppy fields in Afghanistan…by the ton is NATO control codex n legal commerce) you know who owns Monsanto (Bayer your pharma friend)…

Think I’m wrong?

Canada is first post national U.N. corporation… yup under illegal we had 7 cannabis charges.

Under new legal by voter support we see recreational absorb medical just like 7 legal us states.

45 jailable offenses some life

For a substance required to run our bodies…

Canada imports via licensed distributor 5 tonnes of hash oil under NATO codex agricultural commodity to likely disprove the reality of black market n home grown cannabis treatments….

5 tonnes fyi:

60-70g THC full extract oil treats as in reverses cancer dose…

means about 47,000 (No chemo) n only cancer patients could have been treated (with leftover for ms, diabetes, brain tumour injuries neurogenesis etc) Canada that’s stage 4 often lung n liver throat cancers while chemo has about 2% life extension rate… vs 90+ % cannabis full plant polar solvent high thc extraction treatment patient claimed success…years later it seems on the internet.

Please don’t support legalies…
you will kill my child n yours…

Sorry to be harsh… it’s truth.

apologies but my friends you have hinted and led to truth… n don’t see it.

I mean by background perhaps illness, programming thoughts … etc.

Enjoy the post …here there be truth…n discussion <- key

The wise suggest a great dietary shift towards empowering you n your cannabinoid system.

Shane IS fair each POST holds depth of knowledge complimenting each other’s strengths.

Don’t fear ‘euphoria’ or high… that’s a concentrated dose of what healthy feels like…

Often you need the euphoria to create true healing… it’s like 2ag milk drunk baby syndrome from breastfeeding… or it triggers ALL brain (endo) cannabinoid functions to reset and DNA repair… in cancer with polar solvent oil extraction the resulting thc n profile from indica dominant base test at 92+ % thc… that’s great for all human usage.

Like a baby when too euphoric ( when a cannabis user mind shines so bright it’s normal btw) induces sleep… hmm. Just as full power cannabis oil cause euphoria to sleep mechanism baby grows.n programs neurogenessis.. past 28 months body follows programming.

Adults who are endocannabinoid deficient (low) tend to have cancers, ms, alheimhmers, spastivity, senility diabetes etc till death…

A baby grows as does the volume of breast milk greater cannabinoids function n develop into healthy… those not so lucky childhood illness…

A baby breast fed by a canna mom is healthy n grows better faster healthier by boobie or plant cannabinoids n THC govern our bodies n occur naturally!

CBD is good intro to canna health.. feco great maintenace all medicines…safer than allopathic n chemo…

Enjoy but high thc indica for cancers…
Correct any aspect other than length or tone ( I do apologize but if I reach one…)

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and then there will come Peace..

In my mind


Are our limbs twisted

Chase your goals

Chills for hours

Chemicals lifted

I'll lay the stones

And you'll come walking

Fill in all the holes

From our explosions

 Come back to life

Trick is to fly

Come back to life

Trick is to fly

 You, you

In my mind

You, you

My mind

(Mind, mind, mind)

 Hear your call

I capsize

Water flow emissions

We keep chasing

Exit signs

 As if they existed

You and me are madness

And I'll explore it

Waitin' for your return

And now you own me

 Come back to life

Trick is to fly

Come back to life

Trick is to fly

 You, you

In my mind

You, you

My mind

(Mind, mind, mind)

 Come back to life

Trick is to fly

Come back to life

Trick is to fly

 You, you

In my mind

You, you

My mind

(Mind, mind, mind)
[ "In My Mind - M86 ft. Susie Q"]

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how they TAKE YOUR CHILDREN by lee stefan michael rott aka li3ru2fong

posted to fb;
as for the pedo rings and approval from governments TODAY children’s aid society of algoma is trying to take my children away because my neighbours smelled Something and accused me of drug use. cops came INTO my home TOLD me i was Smoking drugs YET NO CHARGES. just FAT women coming to my home and telling me WE ARE TAKING YOUR CHILDREN. my children are staying with my parents, but i’m threatened by my abusive violent father with a heart condition. so when he tried to strangle me and throw me down the stairs after dinner last night i LEFT the house! [more on my fb page, friend me if you cannot read my story, i’m going to blog it with AUDIO of cops and PEDO fosterRAPEfarm enablers]

take a listen

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