Real Currencies

For eighty years a major not for profit, private currency has been operating in the heartland of Europe. In Zurich, almost next door to the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, there is the WIR, turning over the equivalent of almost 2 billion CHF per year.

By Anthony Migchels for Henry Makow and Real Currencies

WIR was founded by businessmen Werner Zimmerman and Paul Enz in 1934. It was a direct response to the Great Depression. They built on the legacy of Silvio Gesell, whose thinking also was the basis for the famous Wörgl Scrip and today’s German Regional Currencies, like the Chiemgauer.

Silvio Gesell is in fact the Patriarch of what I suggest should be called ‘German Economics’ or ‘Interest-Free Economics‘, the theoretical basis for the anti-usury movement. His analysis of Usury inspired both Gottfried Feder and Margrit Kennedy, two other leading lights of…

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to the below info given by Chief Rock Sino General,  i Must add hemphearts eaten with salad EVERY morning..

Even during a flu epidemic, there’s no reason to fear becoming sick if you have the following home remedies on hand. Some act to protect you ahead of time before even getting sick, while others help you to recover after contracting the illness.

Colloidal Silver — Possibly one of the most important medical roles for colloidal silver is it’s ability to destroy pandemic flu viruses and deadly pathogens like methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Colloidal silver not only stops bacteria and the flu virus in its tracks after being infected, but protects against contagion. Take colloidal silver prophylactically as soon as you experience the first symptoms of illness to ward off a full-blown attack. Prophylactic treatment involves adults taking a teaspoon or two daily during flu season. Children can take one-half to one teaspoon daily depending on age and weight.?

· Mullein — Tea made from the herb Mullein relieves chest congestion from coughs, colds and the flu. It acts as an expectorant, loosening trapped mucous in airways and soothing painful sore throats. Mullein supports the immune system as well, during the flu and may be used prophylactically to prevent flu by drinking the tea daily during an epidemic.

· Gelsemium — Used to alleviate general flu symptoms, homeopathic Gelsemium is indicated for aches and pains, weakness, dizziness, shaking, occipital headache at the back of head and neck, drowsiness, paralysis, drooping eye lids.

· Belladonna — Homeopathic Belladonna is indicated when the onset of flu illness is sudden and very intense, high fever, red face, pulsating veins and throbbing headache often worse on the right side, stiff neck, hot, glassy-eyed, delirious, lack of thirst.

· Bryonia — Bone and muscle pain made worse from any motion indicates homeopathic Bryonia along with other symptoms such as chills, fever, headache, thirst for large quantities of cold water, painful cough, dryness of mucus membranes.

· Eupatorium perfoliatum — Symptoms look similar to Bryonia with intense body aches, high fever, cough and terrible chills running up the back. The difference is the person needing Eupatorium will be restless and change position frequently, whereas Bryonia prefers no movement at all.

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local production of ANYTHING!

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first, always do your best to look the coward, the weakling, the fool. silence is a warrior’s best armour, the saying goes. hard looks and hard words have never won a a battle yet, but they’ve lost a few.

second, never take an enemy lightly, however much the dullard he seems. treat every man like he’s twice as clever, twice as strong, twice as fast as you are, and you’ll only be pleasantly surprised. respect costs you nothing, and nothing gets a man killed quicker than confidence.

third, watch your opponent as close as you can, and listen to opinions if you’re given them, but once you’ve got your plan in mind, you fix on it and let nothing sway you. time comes to act, you strike with no backward glances. delay is the parent of disaster, my father used to tell me, and believe me, i’ve seen some disasters.

logen, the bloody nine

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courage in the Light

“He that will advocate slavery is worse than a beast, is a being devoid of shame, and has gathered around him the most corrupted debasing principles in the world; and I care not whether he be a minister or member of any church in the world- no, not excepting the head men of the nation. And he that will not set his face against its corrupt principles is a coward and not worthy of being numbered among men and Christians- and conduct, too, that libels the laws of the country, and the word of God, that men profess to believe in.” – william apess

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what is organic to you?

well where we are at today, led me to put this question to the person i believe could provide me with the best answer; roger snow of rocky mountain grain products.

We are beginning to build a tiny hemp farm here to prove that even in our limited climate one acre of hemp–farmed by hand–can easily feed, clothe, heat and shelter over 30 people without any need for energy for processing or transportation.  The human and animal population of the Earth could easily be 100 times what it is now without any resource problems.  The large seeds could be shelled for Hemp Hearts; the medium sized seeds could be used for oil and the small seeds could be used to feed poultry and small lactating animals.  The stems could be used for houses, greenhouses, storage and processing.   Windmills. which I already produce, could provide heat, music, internet etc.  I do not expect large numbers of individuals here to move back to the land in that manner now, but I believe that this kind of revolution could begin in overpopulated areas where individuals living on the disgusting edges of cities could easily be convinced to become small farmers on unproductive land far away from the city.  They would soon be rich in terms of resources–each family could have enough food, energy, building materials, etc for more than 30 individuals—without any wasted resources or energy and without any need for very much not produced on the farm.  This is a truly “organic” model–not the wasteful, transportation dependent, self serving, junk science model that is now promoted as “organic” by those who actually just want to establish larger governments with more rules and regulations, but with themselves in charge.


Every obese wreck in this society eats double portions of starches every few hours but drinks “diet” soft drinks so they can pretend to be doing something about their weight problem.  Everyone who purchases “organic” products is similarly making symbolic gestures: The organic movement is more wasteful in terms of resources and energy than the alternative.  Furthermore, the organic movement as it exists now, is based on self serving junk science.


If you keep in mind that crude oil and coal are the most perfectly “organic” substances on the Earth–made naturally from foliage that existed before man, then most of what you read that originates with environmentalists will become obvious as junk science.  There is absolutely nothing in any petroleum product or coal that did not previously exist in foliage.  In fact, all organic associations promote the use of organic fertilizers which are nothing but finely ground coal. They are called “humates” for fraudulent reasons.  A light spray of crude oil on the soil would similarly provide plants with much that they need for healthy growth–because it would contain nothing but the remains of prehistoric plants.


We do not normally use herbicides because they are usually unnecessary:  Hemp crops grow 12 feet tall.  Competing crops do not get sunlight so they wither and die.  We do not normally use pesticides because they are completely unnecessary for this overwhelmingly immense crop in our short, cold climate; There is always sufficient food for us and our insignificant bug populations too.  We do not ever purchase certified organic seed, however, because it is usually fertilized with manure which ALWAYS leaves Ecoli in the water which ALWAYS then travels to the internal portions of the plant.  Composting does not destroy the bacteria that resides in the wastes near the edges of the pile and is not in any case practical for large expanses of field crops.  Many of our customers purchase Hemp Hearts to assist them to reverse serious health problems.  We do not believe that they need to be introduced to ecoli bacteria, especially not when they are weak and vulnerable.  Furthermore, every organic supplier inevitably believes that his production is more valuable than conventional production even though it may have been harvested too wet and turned moldy in the bin, even though it may have been stored in mouse infested bins, even though it may be replete with weed or wheat seeds.  In short, they always supply garbage and want to pretend that it is food.  Perhaps that is why all of my certified organic competitors, without exception, squeeze as much oil as possible  from their certified organic seeds after which they grind up the residual wastes—shells, wheat, mold, mouse shit and urine and market it as Hemp Protein for use in cold smoothies where it’s taste and texture are less noticeable. 


The various certified organic associations in conjunction with the Health Food Industry have already done more to damage human health than any “evil” multinational—more than Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and all of the other malevolent dictators together.  They have convinced millions of middle aged wrecks suffering from hardening of the arteries and other typical late onset health conditions that their health problems are the result of “poisons” and food that has poor nutritional value.   All of these typical late onset health problems are actually the result of too much sugar, starch and cooked foods made with added fats—especially, cereals, bread, potatoes, pasta and rice—all of which are now available as “organic” promotions.  “Organic” slurpies are now called “nutrifiers”. 


Anyone with a good background in chemistry knows that everything in the universe is constructed of myriad combinations of only about 100 elements.  Most of these elements are only found in combinations of complex but ever changing compounds.  Virtually nothing that is man made and certainly no farm pesticide remains as an intact poisonous compound for very long.  In fact, they break down into all of the elements and compounds of which everything else on the earth is made.  The “residues” to which environmentalists refer are only the bits and pieces of these compounds that have already become something harmless but which would not otherwise be found in that location and thus INDICATE that the man made compound was once used there. Roundup is obviously no longer roundup the following day or it would still kill weeds then. 


It might interest you that the owner of the laboratory that I sometimes use told me that he only finds intact herbicide or pesticide residues on certified organic foods.  These farmers do nothing about their problems when they are tiny and easily controlled, but when they are faced with the rejection of their products in the marketplace they have to use huge amounts of chemical just before the products go to market.  “Organic” is a marketing strategy, an opportunity for the greedy to rob the consumer, nothing more.


Every cell in the human body needs to be nourished every morning with protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  Those who begin their day with Hemp Hearts and vegetables and yogurt are easily able to avoid the starches and the processed foods that do taste good but that always compromise health–the rest is junk science.

Roger Snow




There has been a recent convergence of two groups of forces, both specialists in deception, both determined to increase government power and thereby control virtually all human activity.  When you “research” on the internet you encounter simplistic distortions of truth designed to make you fearful so that you will tolerate more government regulation.


First:  There is a resurgence of “The Reds”. The socialist mentality that was previously discredited by the disastrous failure of every communistic state is back everywhere—especially in capitalistic societies.  A new generation again wants to believe that big governments are necessary to make economies “fair” and societies “safe”.  They point at the temporary living conditions of those who have not yet found their way economically and they point at the economic conditions of those who are being temporarily punished by the economy as the result of poor personal choices, insufficient efforts or poor circumstances and then demand more and more government “programs” to eliminate inequalities.  In Canada and other Western countries, big governments  have limited the power of the employer to such an extent that the most worthless employees are often in charge of the work place, workers with self-respect do not want jobs in union facilities and the inferior, expensive products produced by this system are only marketable as a result of government subsidies and regulatory harassment of competition.   Multinationals build most of their production facilities or keep most of their profits  in countries with less regulation  and therefore benefit from the unionization of their competitors.  Big governments have so reduced the powers of parents and teachers in raising children that parents and teachers can only watch helplessly while children become self centered, self indulgent, fools.  A large percentage of girls are sexually active at twelve and pregnant by unknown fathers by the time they are sixteen.   They spend most of their adult life on one form of government  support or another, producing more children whenever their benefits are threatened.  Most of their children and grandchildren are similarly worthless to society.  Frequent pretenses in “educating” these poor prospects is also big business for multinationals and government employees, but big socialistic governments have so regulated every industrial trade and every form of business expression that most of the population has no hope of participating in the economy—except as debt slaves to multinationals or as government employees.  HACCP was developed by the US Space Program to prevent any bacteria from getting into space ships.  It has since been imposed on the world food industry to guarantee: (A) that all farmers will have to sell all of their food products to HACCP registered food processors for tiny pittances before these food items can be resold to the public at huge profits and (B) that US multinationals will have an immense advantage in taking over the world food industry because they developed the HACCP program to suit their markets and their organizations.  HACCP is a ridiculous pretence at  guaranteeing that food items will not contain any living bacteria—even though most bacteria are beneficial and only a few of those that evolved in the digestive systems of animals are actually harmful.  HACCP guarantees that all food has been cooked and therefore contains no enzymes and little long fiber; It guarantees that all food has been predigested by machines and therefore gets processed by the human digestive system much too quickly—overwhelming digestive organs; It guarantees that protein foods will always be much more expensive than sugars and starches and that human diets will therefore be replete with food items that are of little benefit for human health.  It guarantees that every HACCP fed human will always experience an increasing assortment of health disorders and will become an increasing market for medications.    Because of HACCP, one third of all Canadians are now either diabetic or pre-diabetic.  HACCP guarantees that most individuals in socialistic societies will eventually become constipated, fat, blind diabetics without feet.    My nutritional program reverses these health problems, so I know that the HACCP program IS THE CAUSE OF THEM.  Beware of all information that originates with the socialistic forces—RED information.  Their lies will destroy your families, your culture, your economy, your independence and your health..


Second:  The Greens are worse than the Reds.  Everything that emanates from them is manipulated nonsense—junk science.  Their first great success for themselves was the book “Silent Spring” that claimed that DDT would  eliminate all birds because it caused a thinning of egg shells.  After it was proven that DDT was not the cause of this phenomenon they persisted, managing to get DDT banned and thereby killing millions of Africans and others for whom DDT was the only hope for eliminating malaria.  It is true that because DDT was so inexpensive it was abused, but it was not necessary to kill millions of people in tropical regions to empower environmentalists.   Rachel Carson, the author of Silent Spring is still their goddess even though she has killed more babies than the policies of Hitler, Stalin and Mao together.  Thinking individuals can only conclude that everything in the solar system is composed of myriad ever changing combinations of only slightly over 100 elements.  There is nothing in crude oil that was not once in ancient foliage;  There is nothing in plastic that can not be found in crude oil;  Plastic that is returned to the soil provides the soil with exactly the same components that are found in trees.  A little mathematics will prove that a few big forest fires produce more atmospheric carbon than all of the petroleum emissions ever produced by man.  A little mathematics will prove that a few large volcanoes have produced more total atmospheric particulate pollution than all of that produced by the whole of the human footprint.   There an a abundance of information that indicates, at least, that cooked starches contain powerful carcinogens and that diets that are loaded with raw vegetables prevent or reverse cancers.  It is quite obvious that humans in the Western World are killing themselves by trying to live on sugars and starches–even though everyone knows that every cell in the human body needs protein, essential fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes—not sugar or starch.  It is quite obvious that the human digestive system does not function well with ground, processed foods—but big governments bring with them the myriad regulations that make highly processed foods—especially starches—the basis of virtually all diets.


Reds and Greens are now converging, effectively convincing virtually everyone that virtually everything is dangerous—either for humans or for the planet.  They want everyone to think that we need their big paternalistic governments  to take control of every form of human expression.  They want to be in control of these governments.  Their “regulations” now take precedence over “rights” that we have acquired over thousands of years.  All of their knowledge is “junk science” twisted to suit their purposes.   Multinationals are adept at playing their games because they know that the reds and the greens are incompetent at everything except manipulating human thoughts.  The “reds and the greens” will create sufficient regulation that they will give all of the business on the Earth to the multinationals –while reducing the human experience to debt slavery and meaninglessness entertainment.  “Reds and Greens” should be despised and resisted.

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promoting honest discussion

HEMP HEARTS [ancient tribal foods for health (299614 AB LTD.)

Accuses the Canadian Gov’t of Nutritional Genocide  

Our ancestors functioned well for thousands of years on high protein, high fat, long-fibre-foods (mostly meats, fish and tiny seeds).  When our ancestors first became farmers, they shared eggs, chickens, turkeys, milk, cream, butter, berries and various meats.  Their diets remained high in protein, fat and long-fibre-foods.  When Edward S. Curtis took 177, 000 pictures of Aboriginals -our farming grandparents in 1911 -even the elderly were vibrant and healthy. There was no obesity.

We only became increasingly debilitated by obesity, diabetes, diestive disorders, inflammatory diseases and circulatory diseases as Canadian gov’t agencies became increasingly dominant in the ‘food’ industry:

First,  gov’t agencies created marketing boards designed to increase the price of protein foods-rewarding those protein producers favoured by gov’t agencies, but threatening imprisonment[rape rooms – stefan molyneux] for less expensive protein suppliers. We were soon unable to share milk, cream, butter, cheese, eggs, chickens and turkeys.

Second,  gov’t agencies then imposed regulation designed to replace local protein processors with distant multnationals [corporations].

Eventually,  gov’t agencies imported HACCP and other regulation from the U.S., designed to guarantee that all farm products are processed by U.S. multinationals before becoming available to the public. Our few remaining farmers commonly receive only pennies from multinationals for food items that are subsequently sold by the multinationals for dollars.  As it became impossible for us to produce, to market, and then even to purchase significant amounts of traditional high protein, high fat,  long-fibre-foods, we were forced to change to the less expensive sugars, starches and processed food items [often harvested by slave labour on plantations] that inevitably result in premature health failure characterized by obesity, diabetes, digestive disorders, inflammatory  diseases and circulatory diseases.

Over the last ten years, many thousands of individuals have learned how to utilize Hemp Hearts with raw vegetables to avoid sugars, starches and processed foods while inexpensively reverting to a more traditional high protein, high fat, long-fibre-food diet.  Their replies to comprehensive health surveys are still available @ but malicious individuals with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency[CFIA] have ordered us to hide these Health Surveys -part of their continuing effort to deprive us of the high protein, high fat, long-fibre-foods necessary for health-and life!

Hemp Hearts are Guaranteed to Function as Follows – or your money will be refunded

Although five heaping tablespoons (55 g) of Hemp Hearts is usually quite sufficient for most individuals, we hereby guarantee that those customers who consume 88 g of Hemp Hearts early each morning for breakfast in a large salad composed of one hand-full of spinach, one medium tomato, one quarter of a large cucumber, six medium radishes, ten mouth-sized pieces of celery, and six small carrots (all flavoured with lime juice, garlic, cayenne pepper, yogurt and perhaps one item of fruit for those who are not yet diabetic) will experience sufficient energy and will not experience significant hunger for more than six hours. We further guarantee that those days when weight loss is desired, these customers will be quite able to restrict themselves to calorie-free drinks after breakfast and to one plate of raw vegetables at 6 pm -suffering manageable hunger only in the late afternoon and late evening -yet losing one pound per day. We further guarantee that customers who consume their Hemp Hearts with long-fibre-foods for breakfast and who later avoid starches and foods that have been predigested by machines, will experience remarkable digestive health within one week. And finally, we guarantee to older individuals experiencing tissue health failure as a result of insufficient protein -that if they use Hemp Hearts as indicated above, they will experience significant tissue improvements within three months. 

Allergy Information: Laboratory analysis will always reveal that Hemp Hearts are free of eggs, nuts, dairy, soy, gluten, herbicides, pesticides and preservatives, but because they were grown outside on mixed farms and transported outside with standard machinery they can not be guaranteed to be absolutely free of any allergens. All questions and claims should be made by email to:

1 lb. Hemp Hearts
you can also purchase hemp hearts online at hempforest

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