nor time enough 2 b sold..

[for March 13th in Taichung, Taiwan]
in preparation for my own answer to
“What meaning does the zeitgeist movement hold for you?”
hashing out multiple thoughts, and refining my response on this particular blogpost..

a population possessing spare cash has no need for credit cards or loans.(DEBT)

my friend recently graduated and has just been given a job. what did he achieve?
a promise of a chance to be at the beck and call of someone..
my friend that took on a failing business and it’s debt
in order to provide for his family by “working for himself”. is he working for himself?
students at the bushiban i work at are given toy money
which symbolizes money
which symbolizes value
which symbolizes measurement of things that truly are Priceless!

our shared human history may be considerably greater than is taught in schools today.
if we do not yet understand who we ARE, we equally do not understand what is at risk should we decide to give up now.
possibly MORE than our planet might be lost, as if this place filled with green, crawling, swimming, flying, singing LIFE were merely a poker chip..
what IF this is our last chance for the next 100,000 years to get it right, what if for the next 15 BILLION?!
throughout our history, many wonderful people have sought to improve the situation of their fellow human beings.
looking at the current state of affairs we have yet to become civilized( to paraphrase jacque fresco).
breast implants for men or women, is this the best our medicine can do?
educating our children into mediocrity, the best our teachers aspire to?
winning a personal injury court case, having a court enter a restraining order
the BEST expression of mutual respect and equality between women and men?
breeding more and increasingly more blood and bone robots for the production line a goal worthy of escalation?
is olympic exploitation really the pinnacle of human physical development?
offering our eternal souls to systems of control,
inside poor buildings of stone built on the ashes of MILLIONS the highest spirituality we can attain?
i don’t know those answers, but i’ve a million more questions!
ZDAY celebrates ALL of us, and all the dreams that deserve a chance. just a chance!
the possibility of realization to balance the inefficiencies and suffering we see all around us.
inefficiency moving toward efficiency. suffering moving toward Global sharing of resources.
let us work out the solutions together
lest we remain beings with “a thousand pasts and no future.”(the secret in their eyes)


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  1. #1 by rufong on 02/04/2010 - 00:29

    “It is not easy to stay on the sidelines while others are busy getting rich. Wall Street, moreover, is constitutionally predisposed to overdo things. The stereotype imagines a Wall Street populated by bulls and bears. In reality, the Street itself is neither bull nor bear but shark, constantly shifting direction in an eternal search for food. This feeding process involves massive shifts of capital, which inevitably, is sometimes misallocated.” – J. Ezra Merkin, writing in an introduction to a chapter in the 75th anniversary version of Graham and Dodd’s Security Analysis.

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