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first, always do your best to look the coward, the weakling, the fool. silence is a warrior’s best armour, the saying goes. hard looks and hard words have never won a a battle yet, but they’ve lost a few.

second, never take an enemy lightly, however much the dullard he seems. treat every man like he’s twice as clever, twice as strong, twice as fast as you are, and you’ll only be pleasantly surprised. respect costs you nothing, and nothing gets a man killed quicker than confidence.

third, watch your opponent as close as you can, and listen to opinions if you’re given them, but once you’ve got your plan in mind, you fix on it and let nothing sway you. time comes to act, you strike with no backward glances. delay is the parent of disaster, my father used to tell me, and believe me, i’ve seen some disasters.

logen, the bloody nine


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