know the rights you must claim

the quote below i picked up from a blog

mlb says: Let me share an experience I had regarding 5 charges I got from a NC Court:


I stand up and go right before the little gate and the Judge asks me to step forward.

Me: Sir, I will step forward upon condition that I am allowed to aid the Court in bringing these matters to resolution.

Judge: [takes 2-3 seconds to respond trying to figure out why I just said that] Sure, no problem [I did this not not give them Jurisdiction over me in any way].

Judge: Sir, you are being charged with no Registration, No Operators License, No Inspection, No Tag and failure to wear a seat belt. Will you be representing yourself?

Me: No sir, I am appearing Propia Persona (Pro Per). I am not appearing Pro Se. I am representing the legal Person known as JOHN ROBERT DOE.

Judge: Uhh…uhh…Ok, who are you? [at this point the old black Judge starts to get nervous]

Me: I’m the Agent of [authorized Representative] JOHN ROBERT DOE.

Judge: Well, if we could just get your signature on those to pieces of paper…

Me: Well, would I be waiving any rights by signing those documents?

Judge: Uhh..mhh…uhh…you will only be signing that you are appearing without an attorney.

Me: [I go to the desk where I am supposed to give them my two signatures, pick it up and read it] Sir, it says that this is a “waiver” and that I would be WAIVING the right to be represented by an attorney. I wish to specifically RESERVE the right NOT to be represented by an Attorney…I do not intend to waive ANY rights.

Judge: Ok, sir…how will you be pleading today? [Judge makes “Offer”]

Me: Sir, I am willing to accept full responsibility for these “ALLEGED” charges upon condition that this court provides proof of a verified complaint [ I shoot back at him with a “Counter Offer” or my conditional acceptance]

Judge: I’m afraid that can’t be done. Sir, we don’t have any interest in this case so we are just going to dismiss these matters. You are free to go.

I can be contacted 4 more info @:

and robert menard’s response;
HI! Rob Menard here. In regard to the information herein, I checked with the Law Society people, and the courts who gave the order, and neither of them were willing to claim under oath and upon full commercial liability that the order affected me. Even if it did, the restrictions would only apply to me doing any of those things for a ‘fee, gain, or reward’. I guess that could be interpreted to mean I can’t bring my own action, for that would be doing so with the expectation of justice, which is a reward, or gain. Also I am not in hiding. I am moving around sharing ideas with people. I moved to the East Coast for reasons of the heart.

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