capoeira conditioning

 i’m using his book ‘capoeira conditioning’.

A mestre is an individual who has been doing capoeira for so long that they have internalized it and are able to personify a quality, knowledge and a composure that is a capoeirista’s. 

It is not because these individuals have a belt, or because they call themselves ‘mestre’, but they have mastered the art form and are in control of their game, their music and are able to inspire others with this too. Capoeira is comparable to a craft, and a master is someone who has been through their apprenticeship, and practiced and lived the life of capoeira to the degree that they have mastered the craft.” – gerard taylor


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  1. #1 by rufong on 21/12/2011 - 23:33

    quotes “There is actually only one kind of health -tissue health. Those who have vibrantly healthy hair and nails and heels and other tissues in their extremities, normally have healthy circulatory systems that support the proper function of virtually every part of their bodies. Diets composed of starch-prominent, machine-predigested foods do not supply adequate protein for maintaining tissue health. The resulting cardio-vascular diseases might be more usefully understood as tissue health failure caused by inadequate protein.”

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