from the video description;
“1. You are not a person, you HAVE a person existing in association with you. The government only acts on your person.

2. The government is composed of people. They are no better then you.

3. You and the people employed by the government are equal.

4. Nobody governs you without your consent, or the appearance of it.

5. Your S.I.N. means you are a government employee and thus bound by the rules of government employees.

6. If you are not a government employee their rules do not apply to you. Courts actually require your consent as well.

7. A violation ticket is a bill of exchange.

8. When you vote you are not just electing a government, you are electing to have one.

9. The existing courts are private businesses owned by the various law societies.

10. They are not your property as you do not have full access.

11. You have a right to travel in your auto on the road if you are not engaging in commerce.

12. The number on the back of your birth certificate is a bond tracking number and evidences money the government received when you were registered.

13. Canada is a corporation and registered as one in the Securities Exchange Commission.

14. Charters and statutes apply to corporations, not countries.

15. You have been lulled and tricked into thinking that statutes are laws when they are only so if you are a government employee.

16. If you have lawful excuse you can disobey any court order or government
created statute.

17. A claim of right is a lawful excuse and empowers you to disobey any statute, act or by law and to disobey any court, administrative tribunal or government issued orders.

18. You can claim the right to exist without others governing you. This will not affect any previously existing human rights.

19. No peace officer can force you to have a legal name and if you do not they can’t legally deal with you.

20. You have the right to refuse intercourse with a peace officer who has not observed you breach the peace.

21. an arrest without your consent is an assault.

22. You have a common law right to travel on the highways in an unregistered automobile and to do so without first seeking the permission of another.

23. a driver is one who engages in commerce on the public highways.

24. An automobile is only a motor vehicle because the owners registered it.

25. Government agents cannot remove or provide services to an unregistered baby.

26. A notary public can be used to convene a proper court of law and be used to bring legal action against the existing courts, police and government actors.

27. Police officers play two roles. One is a peace officer, the other a policy enforcement officer.

28. They are just people playing roles. People PLAYING a ROLE. They have no special powers if you are not in their theatre.

29. Revoke consent and you step out of their theatre.”

  1. #1 by rufong on 30/09/2011 - 19:58

    from watching stefan molyneux’s video earlier today;

    i got the idea that it would be useful to have someone offer the service
    of a Negotiator of Agreements/Seeker of Resolution for her/his community.

    to live within a community that keeps the Peace, for and with each other
    there may be a need for someone to begin the process of communication
    with two sides that require assistance. disagreements/damage/crisis may cause
    friction within or between communities. we shall need someone to help.

    a community might also benefit from an ebay style exchange service/website,
    whereby all manner of objects or services may be exchanged in parallel with a ‘rating system’.
    even politicians or peace officers could be rated, hehe..

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