intelliclint 08/20/2011 6:14 PM
I have written apps for both webOS and iOS and I can tell you HP supported webOS on the developer level better than apple does. The SDK, VM, and application submission, where all free. They updated the webOS with, exhibition mode and the touchstone charger, something iOS doesn’t even come close to supporting. Imaging built-in support for the thing when it is sitting around, not just another clock screensaver. They provided a java based IDE for free, that works in most browsers. They updated the frameworks, Mojo then Enyo, and rewrote their own apps to use them. The base of the OS is Linux, and the apps that work on linux work there right down to a shell. Coding for webOS was a lot easier then iOS.

If webOS failed from HP it wasn’t developer support, it was promotion and patience.

Leo is a… if it isn’t profitable cut it and move on… kind of guy, Mark Hurd was a… if you want a tech buy it and cut what you have… kind of guy. Neither see the big picture, that promotion, being different and proud of it is what makes a company, not the we have it too. Innovation is what we buy from another company and never take a risk.


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