HEMP Hearts

In Canada, Hemp Hearts (shelled hemp seeds) have proven to be of great benefit, especially to older individuals who have damaged their health by eating too much starch and carbohydrates, too much sugar and too much saturated fat–for too many years. Customers report that a breakfast of fruit or oat meal topped with five tablespoons of raw Hemp Hearts provides sufficient long lasting energy that there is no craving for sweet foods and drinks later. Customers report that after a satisfying breakfast of Hemp Hearts they are not yet hungry at lunch time and they are much less likely to choose potatoes, breads, pastas, rice and other carbohydrate “fillers” later in the day. When they wish to lose weight quickly, customers discover that they are easily able to limit their evening meal to small quantities of fruit or vegetables and thereby lose up to one pound per day. Within three months, individuals often experience amazing improvements relative to cholesterol, circulation, blood pressure and cardiovascular health. They notice a reduction in the inflammatory aspect of most diseases, including arthritis. Hemp Hearts are easily digestible by everyone and especially beneficial for those unable to eat gluten, sugar, lactose, saturated fats, fish, meat, nuts, etc. Customers report efficient, healthy digestive systems, less sluggish and less prone to disease. Customers are better able to rebuild their bodies after serious injury, disease or invasive medical procedures and they report better long term resistance to infectious disease.

Hemp Hearts (shelled hemp seeds) are the most concentrated and best balanced source of proteins, essential fats and vitamins in nature. Of equal importance, these desirable nutrients are not accompanied in Hemp Hearts with an excess of carbohydrates, sugars, and saturated fats–nutrients which are already eaten in excess and which in the long term have proven to be challenging to human health. Hemp Hearts are not a medicine: Amazing health and lifestyle benefits, often experienced from the first day, are a result of improved nutrition.


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  1. #1 by rufong on 28/04/2011 - 22:00

    for the mouth; 1 tsp of aluminum free baking soda, first
    1 tbsp organic coconut oil, swish it in the mouth for 30 minutes,

    kills them[bacteria]…. for some people its comes out black

  2. #2 by rufong on 29/04/2011 - 00:08

    Suzy Skye; get one acre, plant it wildly with red clover, mustard greens, sunflower, jojoba, hemp (in some countries) and jatropha. put ZERO fertilizers, ZERO pesticides and DO NOT WATER or tend it. in 90 days you will reap HUGE quantities of fuel and have no input other than seed and planting/harvesting time. there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of acres that are in peril, cannot grow food because they are stripped of nutrients, contaminated or in urban zones. they should be remediated…it is our duty and joy to nurture and tend this garden of earth. i will NOT allow my mind, hopes, desires, pleasures and intentions MUTILATED by the corporate mind structure and agendas. i do not impede my dreams to account for the slaves to the mental control of the military industrial demons who have brought us to the brink of devastation and are pushing hard to send us off the cliff. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE CORPORATE STRUCTURE, speak outside of the corporate agenda, live outside of the corporate manipulation and we will have hope.
    while you wallow in their memes, you are lost and i am bereft..

  3. #3 by yevgeny fakoff on 29/04/2011 - 07:51

    Hugh Harwell; Refusing to play and contribute to their life-destroying greed game through non-compliance, non-participation, boycotting, etc., is just the reactive response of what to not do. More constructively, we need the positive, proactive, life-affirming plan for what to actively do to create the new sustainable economy that transforms dependence into interdependence and empowers all individuals to take charge of their lives.

    The place to start is for each household to become as self-sufficient as possible, producing its own food, fiber, shelter, energy and water within its own site carrying capacity, then linking up to form neighborhood-, community- and region-based producer-, worker- and consumer-owned cooperatives that provide the goods and services within their respective carrying capacities for the common good that individuals cannot do for themselves. A great deal of this can be done without any currency at all, using local exchange trading systems that explicitly value everyone’s contributions and keep all the wealth generated by productive labor within each locale.

  4. #4 by rufong on 29/04/2011 - 08:04

    “As more and more of us become less and less taxable, governments will shrink and the refugees from that system will also begin moving to self-sufficient, hemp farms…..If you would like to be able to live so that your friends and family members were all able to participate usefully together in the production of an abundance of marketable necessities, but leaving most of each day free for personal development, please follow our progress.”

  5. #5 by rufong on 29/04/2011 - 08:48

    Ganja Babies Do Better – more suppressed marijuana research

    The 30-day test showed that children of ganja-using mothers were superior to children of non-ganja mothers in two ways: the children had better organization and modulation of sleeping and waking, and they were less prone to stress-related anxiety. (Melanie Dreher’s studies were funded by Patients Out of Time.)

  6. #6 by rufong on 14/05/2011 - 01:29

    we’ve been eating these hemphearts for 4 mornings in a row.
    they DO provide enough energy to get us through the day until around
    5pm. we’ve followed the advise of mr. snow, 5tbsp with raw veggie salad..

  1. Hemp | Alison Amazed

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