oh canada, when will ye wake?

the quotes below are taken from commentaries on thetyee’s article

The Insatiable Maw… ~ Jerry Munro[last week of february, 2011]

Step by step, degree by degree, the US and Canadian economies are being integrated, more and more under US and global corp hegemony. Canada is being set up to be swallowed whole into the Empire.

As the US Empire slides deeper into crisis in the Middle East and Asia, and is in a parallel step by step process being forced out of these parts of the world, the greatest likelihood is, it is going to look north even more than south from its homeland, for surety of resource supply, as cheap labour sources and markets for its products. (Which is likely why, recently, the World Bank I believe it was, pressed Canada in a report, to seriously grow its population.)

The basis for which process is already well laid down as the NAFTAs, ongoing “special” border deals now being negotiated and, of no small consequence, increasing military integration and joint military participation. (Our army is well underway to being rendered US supply dependent, on a scale and to a degree no less than the “colonial” Egyptian Army.)

The fly in the ointment of this process however, being… despite endless hollow ringing assurances of “recovery”… the ongoing and deepening real, as opposed to “paper”, economic crisis of the global capitalist system. How these two separate and yet mutually impacting aspects will effect each other and with what political and other effects, is still difficult to know with certainty. But what is clear, I think, is that as the crisis of the capitalist economy deepens, and peoples well being in such as rising food and gas prices, standard of living and social programmes are ever more seriously impacted, and poverty, as it is, grows,so will dissatisfaction and resistance. The Canadian people are increasingly not going to be pleased with what is coming down the pipe here. And at my working class level of society [we] are already growing increasingly alarmed, and are more and more questioning and reacting negatively to the NAFTA and other “global” assumptions driving capitalism everywhere right now… especially here.

Similarly, there is growing alarm in the US itself (What is basically a public service General Strike in Wisconsin. Labour militancy in the US!!!???) with what is fundamentally “the cost” in blood and treasure of US imperialist policy around the world. And events in Bahrain, the home port of the US 5th Fleet that polices the sea lanes for America-bound oil etc in that part of the world, are about to jeopardize further US surety of resource supply from the Middle East and environs. And to increase the cost of the benefits of Empire, already straining near breaking.

US resource supply focus has already begun to shift over some years now. It’s gaping industrial and over-populated maw is already looking to where its meals are going to come from in the coming years. And it is we and our North that is in the cross-hairs.

With a proven amenable and compliant government and party system already proven and in place in Ottawa.

How? ~ Ed Deak [last week of february, 2011]
How is the region going to be “invigorated economically”? By selling the ground from under the people’s feet ?

Canada was being invigorated economically very well, when we were making things for ourselves, before the legalized crime waves of “neoclassical market economics” the FTA and NAFTA, with people making good wages and controlling their own economies, without having to line up at the foodbanks.

Now we have an economy controlled from abroad by “foreign investors” who buy up Canadian companies and resources, their first act is to fire Canadian workers and strip the country bare, reported by economists and politicians as “growth of the GDP”, while public services are going to hell and poverty and foodbank lines grow by the day.

Stikine River wetlands, near Alaska border-looking up Stikine River towards the Iskut River confluence -- this area is threatened by one proposed Alaska/BC intertie route under study. Photo: J. Bourquin.


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