moving forward by suzy skye

moving forward
by Suzy Skye on Friday, January 28, 2011 at 7:20am
i don’t care who is affiliated with which group OR if they buy into light work or ‘truth’ OR if they believe they are a cog in an unconscious and silicone based binary matrix OR if they believe that jesus was a pisces or an alien AND is desperately seeking the sale of planetary resources for profit…
WE ARE ALL IN A MESS TOGETHER. period..all children of all species in this time. i am pissed off about it but worrying and holding grudges keeps my energy levels too low to tend worm bins, turn compost piles, pack bokashi barrels, nurture my plants, care for the animals i cohabitate with, remediate local ‘garbage’, exhibit civic responsibility and raise and educate my grandsons…all while i daily struggle to understand why more people are not shrieking in frustration out in the streets due to the beyond excessive levels of insanity our society exhibits constantly. it’s amazing, truly, that we can know any equanimity at all.
if we are going to have a viable future we must start prioritizing our responsible actions toward integrating less destructively with our surroundings and each other immediately, if not sooner. our accomplishments toward INTERCONNECTEDNESS and REMEDIATION are going to define the quality of life we will know for the next several generations. too many past generations have complacently allowed or actively participated with the suicidal, short term thinking meme that allowed us to sell the future at a loss in order to benefit in the moment. it was not only a very bad investment but it also was erroneously calculated, missing many pertinent variables. we have inherited the consequential reality of those choices and mistakes. it is key that we do not perpetuate the habit of ‘externalizing costs’, as that puts the troubles, exponentially increased, upon yet another generation that quite likely, if one is in any way familiar with basic current scientific data, will be incapable of surviving the environmental challenges the surface of our planet is facing in regard to her ability to sustain human life at its current and escalating population levels.

so we have come to the time to begin making payments to your piper, Greg, and i for one will NOT sell out my progeny (NOR THE CHILDREN OF ANY SPECIES) to justify leisure and squandering in my here and now.

EVERYONE should go out, get at least one pot, some dirt for it, a seed of your choice and practice GROWING FOOD. seriously. if it feels awkward or silly, imagine doing it while ravenously hungry in vastly more adverse conditions from what you are experiencing right now! IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT GROWING FOOD, ASK ME, i will be HAPPY to share what i know and help you get the rhythm down. it is a slow process and so is the remediation that will reclaim our polluted lands and deserts so that they can provide food for all of us and our children. i am great at finding out what i do not know about what i cherish and nurturing nature is my raison d’être. food takes time and practice, get that in now while it is still just practice and the grocery store has your back.

eco villages can rock, if they are sustainable. not all of them are and many are problematic. so are cities…and rural communities…and idealistic utopian dreams may also shimmer and fade once they are implemented. fact is, we humans haven’t gotten it quite right yet. none of us. we have made a GREAT many massive messes of frightening proportions and we are insanely perpetuating dangerous methods of squandering resources and risking horrific future health problems and increased suffering for most if not all of our progeny and those of other species as well. as of RIGHT NOW, we could probably remediate about 80% of what we have ruined over the next 100 years with total focus and prioritization. that immanent turn around is unlikely at our current level of evolutional retardation. if we wait longer we may pass the point of no return for many environmental issues regarding air, water and the fecundity of soil. i would like to focus on ameliorating that situation while nurturing what i can so it can survive these times.
technology relies on mining. mining is VILE, aka EVIL and the ultimate moronic choice henceforth. if we cannot mine it from dumps and recollect it from where we have lost it…we should not be allowed to take more from the earth. mining causes massive pollution and goes predominantly unchecked in its exploitation techniques. the surface of our planet can EASILY and SUSTAINABLY provide ALL of our energy, food, air, water, shelter and educational needs without having to take another single substance from her depths again. much of that surface provision also simultaneously and symbiotically can remediate pollution issues we have caused with bad science and a complete lack of corporate integrity. there are some basic physics and chemistry equations we are not paying attention to as a species and if we do not begin as soon as possible to actively get the pendulum headed in the diametrically opposed direction, it will be to our cataclysmic dismay before very much time goes by, in my lifetime for sure and i would say much sooner than that. freshwater is limited and we have ruined too much already. natural gas frakking in the great lakes region and the belo monte dam in brazil (to provide energy for mining) will destroy 2/5 of the earth’s fresh water. do you think we have that much to spare? to squander? we do not. and yet…very little is done by very few to stop the atrocities before they create untold devastation in the near future.
so grow food…actively research and express the truth about REAL issues, like if we can drink water and grow food with it.
make your neighborhood your eco village for now…your apartment complex your community. create a habit of smiling at people, sharing food and exchanging ideas, names, hugs, music…these are the ways our world will stop its downward spiral. YES, seek out like minded people and draw them closer, coordinate and congregate and perhaps move into those types of groups eventually into intentional community spaces. but live the rhythms of it now and get graceful where you can before you have to perform in earnest. it won’t happen overnight for many. for most it may not happen at all. but we need to stop alienating each other and isolating from our surroundings or we are blind and alone and that is the path that has brought us to near social insanity. we are an amalgamation of humanity so let some people be ears and let others be elbows. all have an inherent purpose and right to be…it is just that close proximity of some causes pain, so should be avoided. do not bomb your elbow when it gets too close to your ear and hurts it. that is really beyond ridiculous but unfortunately is exactly what our global policy has become. we can exist without violent conflict and aggression, it is really a very large place to move around upon if we could just learn to stop destroying things in order to ‘own’ them.
it would take nominal effort to flourish in a sustainable world that could easily provide nourishing food, pure water, clean air, adequate shelter and inspiring education to all. from there we could nurture the next generations up to resolve the unanswered calamities of ours and our ancestors. then we could focus poignantly toward even higher plateaus of co-creative endeavors.
i have watched people all over the world in times of stress and disaster find ways to interact peacefully amidst projects and toward common goals. i think we will all find our own ‘niche’ as we as individuals begin to take a more active step toward realizing WE ARE the communities we want to form and we just need to seek together for safe places to bloom while our planet can still nurture us. waiting longer to move into this paradigm challenges the options of symbiosis and in regard to water, waiting may stop all our choices of creating anything viable before it is squandered for profit by corporate greed and a lazy and selfish populace.

suzy skye…
embracing an evolution toward sustainable food forests, clean air, clean water, fecund soil and abundant energy and compassion for all children of all species for all time.

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