break those chains..

however vast the cosmos, there is a distinct possibility that we may be alone and our consciousness a freak.  be that as it may, being conscious of the past and the conditions of the present, humans can make their own futures, though not under circumstances that we might wish for.  we have the potential to be free, thanks to the unique course of events on our home world. however, a mere 10,000 years of human history has created economic chains that stifle such potential and increasingly endanger its survival. it seems to me that if history is to continue being recorded and sifted through, the next stepping stone is consciously to break those chains.

~ steve drury,

stepping stones: the making of our home world“,

Oxford University Press,



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  1. #1 by rufong on 14/09/2010 - 01:48

    queer little twists and quirks go into the making of an individual
    to suppress them all and follow clock and calendar and creed until the individual is lost in the neutral gray of the host is to be less than true to our inheritance.
    that gorgeous quality of life is not accomplished by following another man’s rules
    it is true we have the same hungers and the same thirsts but they are for different things and in different seasons
    lay down your own day
    follow it to its noon your own noon
    or you will sit in an outer hall listening to the chimes
    but never reaching high enough to strike your own..
    ~ anon

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