on recycling in canada..

Urban Impact Recycling

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draggin on: Posted 2010/08/17, at 6:07 AM ET

Out here we are told that we are now to “compost” all kitchen waste, meats, bones, fats, milk/cheese, all of it to be collected weekly, with garbage pick up every two weeks, which is an increased frequency, and it includes RURAL areas. Along with the change come NEW TRUCKS to collect the “compost” and recycling, however GLASS is no longer allowed!!!! I called to question the recycle center in Nanaimo citing the recyclability and earth friendliness of glass (breaks down to SAND…..OOOOOH) vs plastic, and what was I to do with the glass? I was gobsmacked to hear her say to BUY MORE PLASTIC!!!!??? I responded that I prefer to use glass as it’s production, transportation and destruction/recycling is a far lesser footprint on the earth than the same size plastic, and that the consumption of the product is safer for us when packaged in GLASS. I was told I would have to find another place to recycle the glass, as there is no MONEY in recycling it (and it breaks!!not like hard brittle plastic!).. Always the almighty buck!!! So it really isn’t about the composting and being green. I am always astounded at the stupidity and greed of those who change for the sake of change without thinking things through…and the unwillingness to hear alternatives even Unbelievable. Maybe now they will reconsider and actually THINK before they speak and realize what plastic is doing to the world and us in it!!

[this comment was on the article linked above]

“Of course, health researchers know that the simple presence of an environmental chemical in a person’s body does not mean that it will cause health effects or disease.”
[of COURSE! and for that reason it MUST b…. A-O-K]

While the potential cause-and-effect relationship between BPA and health effects remains unclear, regulators could consider taking steps to limit exposure during pregnancy as a precaution, said Scott Venners, a professor in the faculty of health sciences at Simon Fraser University.

Olivia Thomas of Toronto was concerned enough about bisphenol A during pregnancy that she tried to avoid it.

“I did realize when I was pregnant that canned products do have BPA in them, so I made choices not to have canned products,” she said as she shopped for BPA-free products with her five-month-old daughter.

Samples for the study were collected from March 2007 to February 2009 from a representative sample of about 5,600 Canadians aged six to 79 years at 15 sites across the country.

Full Article

Younger Canadians have more BPA in their bodies than parents: Study

Full Article with video! from the Ottawa Citizen
[from twitter @statismwatch]

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