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Banks & corporations are capitalists in good times and socialists when they’re in trouble. Then they turn around and declare public help as socialism, as they use the public money for investing in resource wars so they can earn “capitalist” profits with the help of government officials they bought. This is not an honest mechanism, but a vicious cycle incentivized by profits.

Economic hegemony is in the way of PEACE. As long as the profit motive is incentivized for war, the desire for peace is just a distraction from the real issue, which is profits for banks, the military industrial complex, and the corporations marketing their resources to us. As long as we consume their products, we are just as guilty in perpetuating this madness.

Lee Rott: you could also add that when the socialism bankrupts or is blamed for breaking society that the banks profit from further arming of police, soldiers and citizens for internal chaos, fascism, hehe
what r we gonna do joel, keep on growing plants until we’re backed into a corner or wiped out? hehehehe

Joel Mariano: The peaceful approach I know is for a critical mass of people to stop using these profit-driven malevolent products ruining our planet & bodies. 70% of petroleum is used to create conventionally produced food (more than transportation). By just consuming only locally produced and growing your own food, this would be a major blow if done in masse. This way we cut off the puppet strings of financial hegemony. If the Economic Neofeudalists go blatantly fascists in retaliation due to dwindling profits, more people will see the evil of their ways and hopefully stop enabling them by being their minions–the hundredth monkey copying, emulating that a self-reliant life is noble & courageous combining the best of what our ancestors knew, with todays science & technology working with nature.

More than ever, we are empowered by information that the inequity and inefficiencies inherent in this corrupt system do not have to be this way. We must use this advantage with educating brothers & sisters too busy wage-slaving and rearing their children that the alternatives are here, and must be implemented for the sake of assuring a good future for them and their children.

The profit motive is cancerous to the planet, and it’s continuation is endangering our species. A major attitude of advancing to civilization is dependent on empathy, which is symbiotically contagious.
Wellness of the whole is integral to survival of the one.

Lee Rott: joel, may i credit you on my blog and copy/paste what you have written here?
Joel Mariano: Sure Lee!

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