the Gulf Oil Spill; human responsibility, human failure, worship of death

if Anyone has any doubts on the uselessness of Money,
understand that the oil disaster in the Gulf has profit as its root cause.
Oil become rain, life giving waters of the ocean become deadzone,
and TAX BREAKS given to BP and the oil industry at large to DESTROY..
is this at all similar to the Alberta Tar Sands???!?

“The flow of revenues to oil companies is like the gusher at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico: heavy and constant,” said Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ). “There is no reason for these corporations to shortchange the American taxpayer.” – article linked in paragraph same as above

i ask you reader, do you ever feel like your life is an uphill battle?
to live near where you were born?
to help someone you love have a decent life?
to take care of your children, or to help someone else’s child?
to make sure you have an “education” in order to survive?
to have a home?
to have enough to eat?
to be able to travel and see this wondrous world we are a part of?
to visit with loved ones?
to take care of the old ones that took care of you?
to share what little you have with others in desperate times?

the reason life is hard,
is because of the protection and support given to Destructive industries,
such as the petroleum industry.
such as the pharmaceutical industry
such as the banks..

what protection do you,
as a human being have from your own government?
from the police,
from your “own” military?

(even if you are a member of such organizations,
you have no guarantee of protection, or security from expendability..)

Carl Safina’s The Oil Spill’s Unseen Culprits, Victims(TED)

his view during the presentation was that the VERY toxic chemical dispersal was used to cover-up the horror of the size of the spill,
and its damage. and when the oceans are empty, if you never lived
there, how would you know what has been destroyed?

our inability to understand or to even “measure”
the very destruction we enact upon the life system of this planet
is the final proof of our irresponsibility, our failure to
co-operate and participate with life..

our lives are hard
because the fruits of the Earth
the gifts of our Mother
are not shared
but stolen by the corruptible, uncaring and stupid..


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