how the slaves are made to pay for their own chains..

Income Tax Still?
Does anybody have any insight into the reasons for income taxes in our country, And if like in the US its against our constitution how do we safely evade it?
I’ve wondered this for years as to why it didn’t disappear after the war. talk to me ~shaker on

There’s a group called paradigm which has the best explanation I’ve found on how income tax works in Canada. The site currently seems to be down, but I’d check back until it goes back up:
~Dirk in reply to the above

I’ve made up a little summary of the basic concepts of the website mentioned by Dirk.

The Canadian government has essentially, over the years, managed to enslave the nation without violating our human rights, or contravening in any other laws. In this particular case, let’s address income tax. They’ve made Income Tax a choice; and it is a choice, simply because everyone, as a natural person, cannot be directly taxed by the federal government. Our current income tax is 100% constitutional because of this choice.
However, almost every citizen of Canada has at some point gotten a Social Insurance Number, which we have been told is required to work in Canada.
This is a lie.
We can work wherever we want in our capacity as humans in Canada, and that abides by the Canadian Constitution (BNA Act/Bill of Human Rights). Most employers do not know this.
This S.I.N. has the same name as whoever registers it, but with one stipulation; and that is that the S.I.N. is actually a fabricated legal federal entity with the same name as you, except that it is spelled always in all capital letters, making it legally possible. (JOHN SMITH vs John Smith). The law says that if someone were to register a S.I.N., and use it to work or do anything with it, you are working on behalf of your artificial counterpart, known as an “officer.”
Essentially the S.I.N. is an artificial person with your name who you unknowingly enter into assumed contracts with every time you use your S.I.N. This is how the government continues to trick people into thinking they must pay income tax.
The truth is that only the “officer” must pay income tax (because it is a federal entity), and because people are unaware of their rights and choices, they continue to represent their “officer” and pay income tax. The trick now is trying to find good work in this monetary society who will accept you without a S.I.N.
The government has made sure, through language manipulation, that the Income Tax Act is:
• Constitutional
• An indirect tax on the public (direct tax goes to your “officers”)
• Within federal jurisdiction.

The government has also made sure that they did NOT:
• Undermine the Bill of Rights
• Invade provincial jurisdiction
• Directly tax a natural person or their property.

To make sure the public doesn’t know a thing about this information, they have and will:
• Create artificial persons with limited or no rights.
• Convince natural persons to act as representative.
• Get their voluntary consent, whether they knew it or not. – Work etc..
• Create a I.D. card to keep track of them. – SIN
• Offer benefits as legal consideration. – CPP, EI
• Make the benefits harder and harder to receive.
• Create corporations with Provincial names to double tax. (gas taxes are double the US)
• Write statutes to say one thing but legally mean another.
• Teach accountants only what we want them know.
• Convince the people taxes are necessary to run the country.
• Publicly shame anyone who doesn’t pay “their fair share”.
• Use fear and intimidation to scare the rest into compliance.
• Employ the media to publish our victories, and deny our losses.
• Discredit anyone who questions our authority.

Q: Why does income tax even exist?
A: To pay the interest on the loans the Canadian government takes out from the Central Bank, at interest. It has proven time and time again, that literally 100 percent of the money the federal government makes on income tax does not even cover the debt it is trying to pay back. It has to go into more debt by borrowing more money, to get out of debt. One question on everyone’s mind when they think about this is:

“What the fuck?!”

It boils down to this. Income tax goes literally right into the pockets of national and international bankers who loaned the government the money in the first place (how the banks work is entirely different topic).
It is not harmful to have a S.I.N., just know that you now have a choice to work as yourself, in your capacity with no direct taxation, or as a representative of a fictional federal entity (officer) and submit to the system. The officer, however, has no inalienable human rights, only you, the natural person, does.
It is important to note that the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency does not outright deny what I have just said here. It merely mingles words and legal meanings in such a manner that it is unclear to the average civilian what exactly it means, and therefore people unknowingly submit to their legal jargon. Most lawyers are not even aware of these, and other underlying laws hidden within various Acts.

ncome tax was imposed upon the Canadian public during WWI as the “War Income Tax Act”, and was meant to be temporary, as a means of making sure the war effort did not fail. It was not abolished after the war, but was merely amended into what we now know as the “Income Tax Act.” It was in place then to serve bankers and profit, and it is place now to serve bankers and profit.
This corruption in banking and economy goes further, much further. Almost every aspect of our lives in Canada has been controlled by someone or something and every single dollar in circulation is owed to someone, by someone, as money is debt in our society (also another topic).
What we must realize is that we do have our own free will and immutable human rights no matter what other acts come into place. If there is any conflict with the Canadian Constitution, then the constitution will prevail, so we can be assured that anything in our lives in this country will not impede those rights. If they seem like they do, it is because of language manipulation, social manipulation, and irrational fear caused by the government; this causes us to volunteer against what we would otherwise call our free will. The Income Tax Act is proof of this, and there are many other examples. The government is training us to want and desire all that it lays upon us. We are willingly being enslaved, and we need to realize this.

To put it bluntly,
“I am a human being, God damn it! My life has value!” – Network, 1976
Religion is a tool that helps keep the public blind (also another topic). All we need to consider about religion is that it is mythological and usefully philosophical. Pursue your own religion; do not follow others into areas of belief that you do not understand. Believe what happens when your mind and heart finally connect. Be free from the system. ~maggotbrain replied


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