where are my warriors?

as a baby my mother read to me the story of a heroic dog named Buck.
as a chylde i grew up reading tales of fantastic knights battling hideous monsters.
as a younge man the army taught me to fight to kill other younge men while doing my best to embody sterotypical warriors of the ancient past.
as an employee @netcom.ca i was introduced to men and women battling online for gold, xp and rep.

and today after attending a release party for karmic ubuntu i believe my warriors are to be found LIVING planet-changing possibilities.

my warriors are living within an island society under the thumb of advertisingbehemoth7, still excited when talking to another being who shares their gratitude for software that is “free as in Freedom, free as in beer“.

my warriors are passing out dvds of Zeitgeist Addendum outside theatres showing Capitalism: A Love Story because they BELIEVE human beings still have a choice to make on the side of life and death, resources-based or monetary-based.

my warriors are mothers carrying chyldes and mothers doing their best to win the war for the health of their families under the guns of pollution, de-natured food, slavery and false education.

my warriors are fathers taught to believe they must walk, drive, ride, cycle or fly away from the wyfe and chyldes they love for TOO many hours of each remaining day, because they believe it is the only way their family will survive.

my warriors are men and women going to work with equal partners that smile nervously when they speak the word “boss”, because they see no need to entitle one.

my warriors are the tiny few at my university actually doing their best to keep their myndes and ears open in order to gain practical skills for a planet in transition where humans focus on efficient use of ALL available resources.

my warriors are the friends that discuss fascinating ideas, misguided horrible nasty historical current decisions so EVIL they almost defy comprehension, with an open heart that can feel compassion for all of us suffering the effects.

my warriors are every being HOLDING ON until they can get a breath of fresh air, a drink of clean water, a bite of healthy food, a position of dignified work and a moment’s peace..


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  1. #1 by Carol Rott on 24/11/2009 - 20:15

    Son, your unborn child has a lot to live up to – blessings to you – love, Mom

  2. #2 by karat1 on 19/02/2010 - 02:46

    hello fellow blogger

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