producers of these vaccines know THEY ARE WORTHLESS….

“the producers of these vaccines know they are worthless but they go on selling them anyway”. ~ former Chief Vaccine Officer at the FDA (Gary Null @ NYS Assembly Hearing, 10-13-2009 2/3, 02:33)

Finnish health authorities said in a statement Wednesday that swine influenza would be downgraded as a threat given that the bulk of patients appeared to recover well without medication or hospital care.

[in balance to the above, an article here on promoting self health]

oh, and how ’bout a dash of da HIP[Poets]?


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  1. #4 by yvgeny fakov on 31/05/2010 - 02:25

    And there’s a big challenge then in convincing people of the efficacy of plant medicines over standard pharmaceuticals?

    Well, yeah, I mean, we are the single most drug-crazed culture in the entire world. Our pharmaceutical use is, I think, five times that of other developed countries. We’re insane about drugs. And so as a result, we’re heavily marketed to, the entire health system is biased toward promoting and dispensing these drugs, and most of the health system mechanisms are basically drug delivery mechanisms. So it’s deeply entrenched in our culture. And yet plant medicine is the number one most popular medicine in use today on planet Earth. So sometimes people really appreciate getting that perspective: “Oh, this is the number one category of medicine in the world.” There are lots of reasons for it.

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