when all you know is how to cut, the whole world bleeds..

“For us to maintain our way of living, we must tell lies to each other. Without these lies, deplorable acts would become impossibilities.” These words from population ecologist Dr. William Rees introduce Crude Sacrifice, which catalogues the various lies, injustices and contradictions buried in Alberta’s infamous Tar Sands. Incorporating a multitude of perspectives, the film digs into some of the area’s most controversial stories. We meet Dr. John O’Connor, accused of causing ‘undue alarm‘ for suggesting the cancer rates at a native community downstream of the Tar Sands could have environmental causes. We hear appeals from residents of Fort McMurray, who have reaped the economic benefits of the Sands. We get a glimpse into Alberta‘s Parliament, where the Tar Sands are the subject of petty squabbling. Produced without any financial assistance from government or corporate interests, Crude Sacrifice is thorough, angry, fair, honest and essential.”


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