Anne Pettifor’s Brilliance

“How can we educate the people to take some responsibility for the money system? The commodity money definition (a feudal definition)is so deeply discredited yet many “experts” still believe that money is – or should be – a commodity.

If we could explain that money is a means of exchange and a measure of value (and nothing else) we would surely be halfway there. Then the difference between money and credit would be easy to distinguish. Credit is a dysfunctional form of money (in fact it’s money created in parallel with debt, so it can be perceived as more than dysfunctional).

The current narrative – that spending cuts have to take place in order to repay our debts – is flawed because of this assumption of a limited supply of money and the consequent need to issue credit. There’s also a prevailing assumption that government needs to balance it’s budget in the same way as individuals do.

Well, I despair.” ~ “ignorance of money helps bankers and politicians escape

anne’s blog is thrilling!  for anyone who felt the planet’s monetary system is an illusion of an illusion,  she cuts to the bone with her explanation.  it is our ignorance that enslaves us.  we are all personally responsible for our own education. i also appreciate  how anne’s blog shares her learning process,  that’s warm and wonderful.   i thank you Anne for sharing what you know and believe.


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