i’ve a taste of audacious, so i’ll focus on being astute..

“our effectiveness depends on our ability to be audacious and astute, clear and appealing.” ~ eduardo galeano 1978,
translated by bobbye ortiz 1983 “days and nights of love and war”

what a great introduction to a blogpost mr.galeano!

this post is to archive my learning process of presenting my request

for comment/discussion/implementation of a collaborative project by the student body of Kainan University in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

a month ago i made a powerpoint presentation to my managerial accounting class about my belief that we as students need to get involved with our agenda by acting via empowerment strategies.

i sought to propose that we form a small group of motivated people and begin with an initial project of food/energy service. where we go from there is limitless. i promised my professor i would take only 5mins of her classtime and that i did. however i neglected to take any questions after my presentation, spoke very quickly, focused on the philosophical source of my proposal and generally didn’t relate well to my audience.

So, with galeano’s words to guide me, i will make another effort on the following tuesday to once again present my request for interested parties to work on our project, however we decide to implement it.

until the next edit..

  1. #1 by rufong on 11/10/2009 - 09:22

    well i did not make another attempt to present my idea to classmates. only 3 people(my closest friends) had any questions for me about what i proposed.

    since then, my classmates have gone to work at summer jobs for corporations, or private businesses, even at below subsistence wages for the university.

    one of my friends went to the united states, and two brothers have joined a private venture founded by a shared acquaintance.

    as for myself, i’m 95% independently employed. i thank my clients with gratitude for supporting my personal freedom!

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