“We should begin to implement world hypergrowth through increasing the rate of reinvestment into plant, equipment, and infrastructure. The paradox of reinvestment is the higher the reinvestment rate, the sooner growth restores the sacrifice. Faster stable growth means less unemployment.
Management costs should continue to be permanently trimmed. Fees for temporary transfers to individuals should be replaced by interest bearing savings by shifting credit card use toward debit cards and by increasing the savings rate with a rapid increase in real incomes. Increases in productivity are as simple as a free man’s output is double that of a slave’s and a business owner’s output is double that of a laborer self employment is the key to an efficient economy that overcomes depreciation and basic living costs. Capacity constraints can be overcome with central planning such as Alvin H Hansen’s World War II US production miracles. The downturn makes restructuring the economy simpler and easier.”

– BeoWolf, Tampa, United States

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